10 Must-have Moving Supplies

Posted on Jun 16 , 2016

Moving is a lot like travelling: being well prepared and well equipped can mean the difference between a stress-free journey and a problem-plagued disaster.

Here are 10 must-have moving supplies that will help make your move an organized and efficient affair while keeping your belongings well protected:

  1. Boxes. Boxes are the workhorse of any move and you’ll likely need more than you initially think. Try to get a variety of sizes and remember to keep the weight of each box manageable while packing – heavy items like books should go in multiple smaller boxes rather than one large box. While cardboard boxes are still the norm for most moves, reusable plastic boxes are growing in popularity. If you’d like to make your move more eco-friendly, we can provide you with reusable plastic totes, which we’ll deliver before your move and collect again after you’ve unpacked.
  2. Bubble wrap. Ensure that your breakables arrive at your destination intact by protecting them with bubble wrap. From serving dishes and knick-knacks to artwork and electronics, your home probably has more fragile items than you think, so get a big roll to avoid running out.
  3. Packing tape. When you’re packing up an entire house, you can never have too many rolls of packing tape.
  4. Packing tape dispenser. If you’re going to be taping shut a lot of cardboard boxes, a packing tape dispenser is a worthwhile purchase. Do yourself a favour and spend a few dollars on a dispenser to avoid the struggle of finding the end of the tape and fiddling with scissors every time you want to tape something.
  5. Stretch wrap. Pro movers will tell you that plastic stretch wrap is indispensable for a big move. Use it to protect furniture from scratches, bundle items together for easier handling or wrap up rolled carpets to keep them from unfurling.
  6. Packing paper. Packing paper comes in handy for all sorts of uses. Slip sheets of paper between plates and bowls when packing up your kitchen, use it to wrap picture frames and paintings, or crumple it up to fill empty spaces in boxes. If you want to avoid buying packing paper, old newspapers often work just as well.
  7. Mattress bag. After a hectic day of moving and unpacking, you’re going to want to collapse onto your bed for a hard-earned sleep. By using a mattress bag, you can keep your mattress clean, dry and protected while in transit, so it will be ready to use on the first night in your new home.
  8. Moving blankets. These are great as extra padding and for protecting furniture, mirrors and other fragile items during your move.
  9. Dolly or cart. A dolly or cart can be a real lifesaver if you have a lot of heavy items to move. Just think of one person being able to move three or four big boxes at a time versus lugging them one at a time by hand – the potential for saving time and energy is enormous.
  10. Markers. Use markers to label boxes as you pack, indicating what’s inside and which room in your new place the box should be moved to. Trust us, diligently labelling your boxes will be well worth the extra effort when you arrive in your new home and inevitably discover that you desperately need to find an important item among your countless boxes.

If you don’t have time to shop for supplies or don’t know where to find them, just give us 48 hours’ notice and we can provide you with a variety of moving essentials at retail prices.

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