5 Ideas for Kid-friendly Outdoor Fun in Vancouver

Posted on Jun 9 , 2016
kids activities vancouver

With the weather improving and the blossoming trees signalling that spring has arrived in Vancouver, chances are you’re itching to get outdoors to enjoy the sunshine. Spring is a particularly exciting time of year for children as it means more opportunities to run around outside, whether it’s kicking a soccer ball in the park or digging for worms in the garden.

If you’re a parent in Vancouver looking for fun outdoor activities for your little ones to enjoy, here are 5 options to consider:

  1. UBC Botanical Garden. Introduce your children to the marvels of nature by exploring the sprawling grounds of the botanical garden, which is home to flowers, trees and other plants from around the world. Be sure to check out the Greenheart TreeWalk – a network of walkways and platforms suspended 20 metres high, giving you and your kids an exhilarating view of a towering fir and cedar forest from above.
  1. Maplewood Farm. Yes, this is located in North Vancouver, so not actually in Vancouver, but it’s too good not to mention here. Animals are far and away the big attraction here and kids typically can’t get enough of watching and interacting with the cows, goats, horses, pigs, rabbits and more that call this farm home. With hands-on activities and opportunities to see what happens behind the scenes, your children will have fun while learning all about farm life.
  1. Granville Island. Best during the summer when the free water park is open and street performers entertain the crowds, Granville Island is still plenty of fun in springtime with two playgrounds and a duck pond for children to enjoy. As a bonus, if it starts to rain during your visit, you can still keep the kids entertained by checking out the toy shops in the Kids Market or picking up delicious local produce and treats in the Public Market.
  1. Capilano River Hatchery. Yet another North Vancouver attraction, this one is also worth the short trip and another great way to let your children experience the natural world. Kids can view different species of salmon up close in large tanks and learn all about how they live and what they eat. The facility’s interpretive centre is open year-round and admission is free.
  1. Stanley Park. This is probably an obvious one for anyone living in Vancouver, but it can’t hurt to give a reminder of how much fun kids can have here. There are plenty of open green spaces and playgrounds for kids to play in, and the beaches and pool are a hit when it’s swimming weather. From June to September, you can also visit the Kids’ Free Summer Fun Centre, which offers free activities and games for kids aged 1 to 12.

As the days grow longer and the temperature rises, there are plenty of reasons for kids and adults alike to head outside. Hopefully the destinations listed above will give you a good starting point for countless hours of outdoor fun in Vancouver with your family this spring and beyond.

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