5 Vancouver Cultural Venues to Visit

Posted on Jun 11 , 2016

Beyond its obvious natural beauty, Vancouver is also home to a rich cultural scene. This should come as no surprise given the city’s diverse population, which traces its roots around the world.

Whether you are new in town or a long-time local looking for a reason to rediscover your city, here are 5 cultural venues in Vancouver that are well worth a visit:

  1. Brockton Point. Find history, culture and the great outdoors all rolled into one at this popular site in Stanley Park, which is home to a collection of totem poles and gateways created the Coast Salish people. Aside from enjoying their artistic beauty, it’s worth taking your time in the visitor centre to learn about the cultural significance of these traditional carvings.
  1. Museum of Anthropology. Located at the western tip of Vancouver overlooking the Strait of Georgia, this top-notch museum lets you travel across time and continents through art. Here you can learn all about the cultures of local First Nations and societies around the world by delving into the stories told by their artwork. The museum’s exhibitions change regularly, so check the website to see what will be on display during your visit.
  1. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden. Tucked away in Chinatown, this traditional garden offers a peaceful escape in the heart of the city. Built to reflect the traditions of the Ming dynasty, the garden brings together plants, water and stone to create an elegant showcase of Chinese culture. Take the guided tour – included in your entry fee – to learn about the meaning behind the garden’s design and features.
  1. Roedde House Museum. What was life like for a middle class family in Vancouver during the late 1800s? Visit this quaint West End museum – an 11-room heritage home decorated with period furnishings – to get a sense of this era. Consider visiting on a Sunday afternoon, when you can enjoy a guided tour followed by a tea tasting.
  1. Museum of Vancouver. If you are interested in the story of Vancouver – the people, events and cultural developments that have shaped its evolution – this museum is a great place to start. In addition to hearing stories from the city’s past, you can also gaze ahead with exhibitions that explore where the future may take us.

The 5 venues listed above offer an excellent introduction to Vancouver’s cultural heritage, especially from a historical perspective. However, it is worth remembering that culture is a living thing that is constantly growing and evolving.

With a population that is always in flux as newcomers bring with them new art, food and ideas, Vancouver is yours to discover again and again.

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