Moving During COVID-19

Posted on Mar 26 , 2020

We put the health of our clients and our employees first Our top priority during these challenging times continues to be our employees and customers. As directed by the health authorities, if you aren’t required to leave your current home, you should stay right where you are. Staying home can…

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List of essential services in British Columbia (B.C.) during COVID-19 pandemic

Posted on Mar 26 , 2020

Essential services are those daily services essential to preserving life, health, public safety and basic societal functioning. They are the services British Columbians rely on in their daily lives. Developed by Emergency Management BC in consultation with other government ministries and the provincial health officer (PHO), this definition is intended…

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10 Sports to Try in Vancouver this Summer

Posted on Jun 18 , 2016

Let’s be honest: Vancouver in the summer is one of the best places to be in Canada. And what better way to enjoy the sun than getting active and playing sports with your friends. If you’re ready to trade the office for the outdoors, here are 10 sports that you…

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10 Must-have Moving Supplies

Posted on Jun 16 , 2016

Moving is a lot like travelling: being well prepared and well equipped can mean the difference between a stress-free journey and a problem-plagued disaster. Here are 10 must-have moving supplies that will help make your move an organized and efficient affair while keeping your belongings well protected:

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5 Tips for a Summertime Picnic in Vancouver

Posted on Jun 15 , 2016

It’s no secret that Vancouverites love the outdoors and a picnic is an excellent opportunity to get outside. When the sun is shining and the birds are singing, what better time to make some sandwiches, call some friends and embrace the best of summer. Here are 5 tips to make…

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Packing by Room: Home Office

Posted on Jun 12 , 2016

Every room in your house requires different considerations when preparing for a move and your home office is no different. Computer equipment, paperwork and important family records are just some of the things found in a typical home office, all of which need to be carefully packed.

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5 Vancouver Cultural Venues to Visit

Posted on Jun 11 , 2016

Beyond its obvious natural beauty, Vancouver is also home to a rich cultural scene. This should come as no surprise given the city’s diverse population, which traces its roots around the world. Whether you are new in town or a long-time local looking for a reason to rediscover your city,…

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Home Internet Options in Vancouver

Posted on Jun 10 , 2016

So you’ve arrived in Vancouver, somehow managed to buy a house or find an apartment to rent, and are now preparing to move into your new home. First things first: welcome! Next up: time to arrange home internet service for your new place. With internet access crucial for everything from…

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5 Ideas for Kid-friendly Outdoor Fun in Vancouver

Posted on Jun 9 , 2016

With the weather improving and the blossoming trees signalling that spring has arrived in Vancouver, chances are you’re itching to get outdoors to enjoy the sunshine. Spring is a particularly exciting time of year for children as it means more opportunities to run around outside, whether it’s kicking a soccer…

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5 Tips for Farmers Market Shopping in Vancouver

Posted on May 12 , 2016

  Farmers market season has arrived in Vancouver and what better way to spend a few hours than stocking up on healthy, local food while supporting BC producers! If you’re looking for a market near you, check out the Vancouver Farmers Markets website for a handy listing of locations and…

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