Gronkowski makes surprise visit to deliver furniture

Posted on Jan 27 , 2015
Bob Gronkowski makes a surprise visit to deliver furniture

In the middle of playoff preparations, Patriots all-world tight end Rob Gronkowski paid a surprise visit to deliver furniture to a single mom last week.

On January 6, Gronkowski joined Edward Smith, who runs a moving and storage company in Nashua, N.H., to replace Carol Miranda’s old couch. The delivery, sponsored by Eastern Bank, was caught on video and clearly came as a surprise to Miranda, who lives with her two daughters in Lawrence.
“She works two jobs, she’s got two young kids, and she was very much deserving of a new couch,” said Andrew Ravens, a spokesman for Eastern Bank. “Rob’s folks were very responsive. They loved that it was a community message.”

Judging by Smith’s face when Gronk — or “Bob,” as he goes by in the video — came out of the back of a furniture store to help make the delivery, he also found the experience a bit surreal. Ravens, who said Smith banks with Eastern, said the video is part of a larger random-acts-of-kindness campaign, which earlier paid to renovate a pizza parlor in Bedford, N.H.

“We firmly believe that good things happen to good people,” Ravens said. Ravens said Gronkowski was compensated for his time.


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