Tips for Packing when you Move / Part 2 of 2

Posted on Dec 14 , 2013


Welcome back for Part 2.  In this second part we’re going to give you tips on what types of boxes you will need to pack specific items and also how to get moving boxes cheaply.

First, many moving companies will sell you or even sometimes give you used boxes.  If they’re clean (and they usually are) they are just as good as new.  In lieu of this option you can also look online and find used boxes in many different places (Craigslist comes directly to mind). Asking your family, neighbors and friends for used boxes is also a valid option and, if none of those is available, your moving company will usually sell you new boxes for a reduced rate if you’re going to be moving with them. Another good alternative is renting Plastic Totes. These are reusable plastic boxes that your moving company or the boxes rental company usually deliver to you before your move and pick up once your move is done.

When it comes to the actual packing there are some things that need a little extra care, such a many fragile kitchen and dining room items. These require dish cartons which are double corrugated cardboard and thus much stronger.  You will also need copious amounts of packing paper and, for very fragile items, Styrofoam peanuts and/or bubble wrap.

Mirrors and large framed pictures and paintings need mirror cartons if you want them to arrive in 1 piece (paintings of your mother-in-law not included).  Depending on the type and size you may need paper pads as well to wrap them before packing.

When it comes to clothing there’s nothing easier than wardrobe cartons because they’re tall and allow you to hang your clothes as if they were in your closet. You can also pack a lot of non-fragile but larger items in these such as umbrellas, canes and so forth.

One suggestion that makes a lot of sense to many of our customers is to let professional packers pack the fragile items, leaving the non-fragile and thus easier items for you to pack.  This will save you some money but also make sure that your fragile items are packed correctly and thus are safer and fully insured in case of breakage or loss.

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